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DNA Activation

The best description to help understand DNA is that we are more than just a body that makes great changes over a lifetime. The body is just a vehicle to get around, and that it holds our spirit, soul, and heart in this physical reality. DNA is the genetic road map that defines characteristics of our makeup. However, change happens over time in DNA that assists this civilization to ascend to the fifth dimension, a higher consciousness needed in the immediate future.

It takes time to adjust that our ever changing and aging body evolves emotionally and spiritually along this journey, too. When the ego runs our lives, it is like spiritual amnesia. But, the more we evolve on the spiritual realm, the more we remember, which allows our body to adjust to that remembered memory of our life's purpose in this lifetime.

The spiritual memory is in our DNA. It is not activated until we begin to awaken to our spiritual connection. We may experience many DNA changing symptoms as a result of that growth. For example, we may exhibit the following signs that demonstrate changes in lifestyle habits that indicate adapting to the "new" you:

  • Eating less often or eating more volume than usual

  • Eating food you don't usually eat

  • Choosing to make healthier choices because that is what your body craves

  • Changing vision; having headaches or migraines

  • Experiencing heart palpitations, muscle cramps; teeth grinding

  • Feeling mood swings for no reason and with spontaneous laughter or crying; sensitivity to negativity and everything

These could be explained by the fact that the heart center is expanding with more unconditional love from empathy and sensitivity.

Emotions intensify because old and suppressed ones resurface and need to be released by spontaneously laughing, crying, singing, and babbling. You may want to be with others or withdraw; feel alone and lonely, depressed, hopeless, and want to give up.

Magnified fear could then shift to swing spontaneously the other way into total trust. Higher consciousness gives us signs to keep going when we feel like giving up.

There may be other symptoms, but it’s most important to be aware that these seem like common illnesses. It's all a process of the old dissolving and new processes beginning. When we see them in a loving new way by embracing it all, it changes our perception and allows purification from past emotional blockages. Because we are raising our vibration to higher frequencies of consciousness, we are evolving the infinite spirit through your body. You may experience a floating sensation as our brain literally disconnects from old data of beliefs and rewires to allow new experiences.

The reason we become stuck in certain areas of our lives and experience pain, discomfort and illness symptoms is from stored cellular memories that created emotional build up in certain areas of our body. The same process we use to deliberately create an image with emotion to charge that creates memories to record for creating a desired reality to experience works the same way for everything. When we react and engage in any thought, circumstances or situation with emotions, it is recorded in cellular memory of our body. If it's traumatic or negative and not dealt with it will surface to be released.

Any experience that we have or had in the past that had an emotional charge creates a memory. The memory becomes stored in our body adding more emotional build up until we release it by clearing it. Memories fall into two basic categories: fear and love. So, love-based experiences are beneficial memories; the more we create and store, the better. Fear memories become blocked and need clearing.

A good analogy for clearing is to think about washing dishes with lots of grease. A greasy dish sitting in cold water doesn't even swish the grease around. Run hot water with a squeeze of soap over the dish and the hot water quickly dissolves the grease.

What once was in your past seemed crazy or impossible is now possible to achieve or have because you are now tuned into higher consciousness, the quantum field of infinite memories. It’s all a continuous process of your evolution. Enjoy the journey. Let me be your guide to assist in focusing on symptoms to release and open up space for the new.

DISCLAIMER: DNA Activation is not a substitute for medical care. Information on this site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You should consult with the appropriate health practitioner in case of any medical condition. 

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