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House Blessing

Bring Positive Energy and Blessings Into Your Environment

A house blessing is an ancient, magical tradition that invites positive energy and magic into your home. Your home is an extension of your body and spirit… so as you give to your home, you give to yourself.

It is essential to realize that your living space reflects and affects your inner life, thoughts and your personal vibration… and those “things” create your life experience. So, if you bless your home and bestow it with an abundance of love and positive thought, it becomes a gracious container in which you can manifest more beauty, divine grace and abundance into your life!

Call in these energies and activate your space with Productive Life Components:

  • Love Harmony Health Happiness Prosperity Abundance Healing

A Professional House Clearing is a complex process, and it is recommended to be done when you are buying or selling a new home or when you feel heavy dense energy. This process clears every room, identifies any negative energy drafts, reroutes energy flow, rids the house of negative energy spots, and places energetic boundaries along the outside of the home in case negative energy comes from the street or neighbors.

Benefits of a House or Business Blessing:

A properly performed clearing and blessing compassionately dispels and heals the energies that create stress, disharmony, or make you feel ill-at-ease in your home or workplace. Clearing and Blessings freshen and revitalize your home and business. We welcome in fresh and pure energies that allow you to feel healthier and think more clearly. When the obstructions are removed and healed, harmony and increased prosperity follow. Good karma brings good luck to follow.

Residual Energy:

Energies from previous residents always remain in a home. They could be from depression, anger, grief, ill-health and so on, and they can ,impact the people who move in. The home energy may be low, dull or may incite outbreaks of anger, for example. Sometimes, people don’t understand why they feel this way, but they recognize that something is really wrong.

Even a newly built home can have discordant energies from the history of land, prior structures, the neighborhood, the builders, realtors and even from prior political disputes over land use issues, and so forth. The design of the house itself may have some physical energy blockage issues that cause discordant energy to linger, and these should be corrected, too.

On what occasions should a house be cleared and blessed?

A Clearing and Blessing can be done any time for any reason. A home is where we should feel comfortable, safe, protected, and welcoming. We want a home where we can relax, where we can feel clear and harmonious. What could be better than that? Clearing and Blessing a home, office or any facility for a gathering can prevent disharmony and make things flow in a more positive direction for all.

Pricing on a House Blessing is determined by the size and location of the house.

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