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My husband Anthony was suffering from the complications after a massive hemorrhage stroke in 09/26/2014. Two months later, while in a Rehab facility, he experienced another issue with a gallstone infection, which resulted in surgery. When he returned to the rehab on Christmas Eve, 2015, Anthony's body was so weak and tired from various treatments.He was very vulnerable to contracting infections from being in the facility because he had openings in his neck for the oxygen supply, a feeding tube in his stomach, and catheter. Anthony got sick with two additional lung infections and was treated with antibiotics for a prolonged period of time. Doctors could not take further risks and proceeded with shunt surgery in his brain,so he could wake up from his usual lethargic sleep. All medical personnel were sure that Anthony was dying. His body was so small even though his spiritual approach was radiant all around him. He was fighting for his life unconsciously.

I knew that Nando is a very strong healer who could reach divine grace through his prayers and change the course of Anthony's decline and move him from the dark to the light. Nando came to the rehab center and performed his hands-on healing. That was It.The very same day Anthony's hands and feet became warm again. But most amazing, his lab work, taken the next day, showed no infections for the first time in five months. It was a great miracle and surprised every participating doctor. Finally, Anthony was scheduled for the brain shunt surgery and his recovery looked much brighter and lighter. Nando repeated the sessions and in one month, Anthony was able to stand by himself. This was remarkable and surprised all the therapists around.

I participated every day in hard work helping to straighten his legs after muscle contractions hit him , due to the stroke. But Nando persuaded me to be patient and motivate Anthony to try his best to extend his legs, so he could use then in the future. On the first of July 2015 , Anthony walked across the long corridor with the loudest applause from all the nurses and physical therapists. Even though the physical therapists didn't have hope that Anthony would walk at all, reality set in that he was back. He was discharged from the rehab in August with only a cane, which is lost somewhere in Chicago :). Without Nando's treatments, Anthony's recovery would look much different. His angelic touch is remarkable and he has my gratitude for that whole experience.

Nando spoke with my father's spirit after his death in April of 2015 . The message was so precious, so dear... It felt like I was waiting to hear it all my life. The reading was so powerful that it made me realize we don't really die. We are divine incarnations, only unconditional love has the power to make any good changes in our lives. l can presume that all of us are the greatest teachers to each other even without thinking. I am very grateful to Nando for the session with my sister last year. Nando used reiki on my sister to help get rid of pain in her back from cancer. She was so surprised when the pain stopped. She was so excited that she left the dinner table and went to other room to meditate and send thoughts of gratitude to Nando.

I am truly blessed by having crossed paths with Nando . His sincere devotion to the divine nature of helping people. Thank YOU, God, & Nando!

Loretta Petraitis

Hello 💜

If you are looking for guidance, looking to connect with the spirit, and just feeling like you need a "sign" for something, I really recommend learning reiki from Nando. I really cherish Nando and Stacey's beautiful healing circles where they both do reiki on everyone and we meditate. I have also learned reiki from Nando and I broke through to this huge realization. I got messages from my spirit guides and it led me to making a decision in my life that I've been trying to make for the past 10 years. Finding yourself and what you came on this planet to do, doesn't take a week or a month. It takes realization and awakening after so many years. This decision that I made was probably the most difficult thing I've had to do in my life thus far. I went through so many years suffering from fear and blockages. All of my chakras were blocked. I was resisting my path and who I was because this thing in my life wasn't letting me push through. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and every single thing in our lives is in divine order. Nando taught me the love energy in the universe that everybody can access and give. I highly recommend learning reiki from him as I've learned so much.


"Working with Nando and Stacey has been a very enriching experience for me. I had been dealing with major blockages in my physical and energetic body for over a year. They were able to help me release. Their spiritual guidance has been amazing for me in helping to address some pretty traumatic experiences and emotional blockages. They are two beautiful souls and amazing healers. I recommend them to all.”


"Genuine and caring are words that describe Nando and Stacey perfectly. Their love and concern for you shows with your first meeting. Nando’s perception while doing a reike healing session brought me to tears as he described my grandson, Jayson, so accurately, even though he never met him. Jayson, 9, is truly a special child that struggles with the confines of the world’s rules and regulations. Yet, a child when you meet him, you will never forget him, and he will never forget you. He came to me as a very young boy. Casually, he said he had met my mom, his great grandmother, and that she was a very nice lady. Then he just walked away. I was in shock because my mom had died seven years before Jayson was born. Stacey and Nando helped Jayson deal with his special abilities to speak to those who have died and to communicate with a special angel that helps him with everyday situations and with his perceptions. The skills that Stacey and Nando taught Jayson are invaluable. They prepared him for school and life situations that neither counselors nor a psychologist were able to do for years. Jayson’s school year has been tremendously better than years past, all to which I contribute to the help that was given by Nando and Stacey.”

- Kim Lynch

"The energy body healing session was an incredible blessing and has helped me overcome so many obstacles. Nando addressed all of my concerns and helped provide great healing and self growth. I am so grateful and thankful to have his guidance and healing in my life."


"Nando is an amazing man and therapist. He helped me with so much of my pain when I was seeing him, but more importantly I put into practice his teachings daily even though I haven't seen him for months. (I moved away). Each day I awake with a brighter spirit, one that appreciates life and all my blessings. Thank you for encouraging me by your experiences with little children to take the time to stop and smile and get them to smile back. It's made my summer unbelievable!! You owe it to yourself to get to know Nando. He will change your life in many ways!"

- Kim Lynch

Nando is very skilled in what he does. He is an excellent intuitive healer, knowing where the pain is and how to help it. If you are leery due to past experience, I would suggest giving Nando a try, he is an excellent intuitive healer, and Reiki master."

- Melissa Frey

"Flow class! Reminded me of the amazing energy I used to feel taking yoga in Hawaii. Thank you, Nando for a very unique yoga experience. Don't miss out on the chance to practice with Nando. :)"

-Mermaid Patti

"I am blessed to have met Nando and benefit from his healing touch in Reiki and yoga".

- Beth Nardin

"Nando is a very caring and intuitive soul. With the addition of reiki to my sessions, I feel better than I have in years. Also, his yoga classes are amazing!"

- Melia My Face Fairy   

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