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Intuitive Healing

Intuitive healing is the ability to use information from the soul level in order to heal various energy imbalances in the body. It does not matter if the problem lies within the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels. Intuitive healing is able to sense imbalances and release the storehouse of pain, tension, and energy patterns that have caused so much suffering.

Since the earliest of times, traditional medicine practitioners from the east and west have acknowledged that we are spiritual beings made up of both physical and energetic elements. We are the embodiment of our belief systems and environment.

Intuitive healing carries a psychic reading one step further. It is a process that expands upon the information to include the experience of shifting what is causing energy blockages within the body. Some may be directly connected to an event or trauma. These energy blockages create a restriction or break in the energetic pathways in the body.

Intuitive healing focuses on balancing the human body’s energy system on emotional and physical layers. It combines a psychic reading or intuitive consultation with generating emotional releases, physical realignment, and energetic restructuring for the overall holistic health of the person. The intention of intuitive healing is to engage your own intuitive awareness to aid in healing your body, heart, mind and spirit, which is truly the heart of healing.

DISCLAIMER: Intuitive Healing is not a substitute for medical care. Information on this site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You should consult with the appropriate health practitioner in case of any medical condition.

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