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Divine Spiritual Guide

Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist



Awaken your ability to heal yourself with Divine Spiritual Guidance

My goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment where you are able to reach a deeper level of physical, emotional and spiritual 

healing. I bring to light the importance of following a happy and healthy lifestyle on 

these levels so you can function more fully as you ascend on your divine spiritual journey on this earth plane.

As a Divine Spiritual Guide I use my gifts to connect with Angel's and Guardians of your own higher self and reveal your wise and ancient truths to connect with your field of light and higher dimensions of divine consciousness. My ability as a Divine Spiritual Guide allows me to receive messages of love from your Guides, Angel's and activate them through light body techniques. With a sacred prayer and intention, Nando becomes a clear channel to welcome in all vibrations of healing and support that might be needed. He can assist you in clearing ancient wounds, emotional blocks, and limited patterns of belief while also awakening memories of your enlightened Self. Nando effectively will help you to clear any emotional blocks that may be resisting divine frequency and help you to clear all resistance and activates your own empowered remembrance. He strives to give YOU the tools to move through life with greater measures of grace and ease. He will joyfully lift you as high 

into the divine infinite realms as you are willing to go.


Recommended with any appointment: Please pay attention to the suggestions on the "Self-Cleanse Regimen" page listed under MORE

"Divine Love Is Within You"

"Your ability to Heal comes from knowing that you will Heal"

Focus on Health, Love and Bliss. Focus on Light, Peace and Hope. Remember - Energy flows where your attention goes. So Visualize and give Power to Positive Emotions. When you change your Perspective; Everything you Look at changes. Don't think " I am ill ". Think "I am on a Healing Journey and getting better every moment." Feel, Laugh, cry sometimes if you need too, eat right, spend time with nature, sleep well, drink lots of water, meditate, pray, practice yoga, sing, read, reflect, do more of what makes you feel good and Happy, connect with within, Love and Accept yourself just do way you are. Surround yourself with as much Positivity as you can. Avoid connect with any low vibration frequency energies. Absorb and appreciate as much Love, be grateful and appreciate all the Little Miracles all around you as you possibly can. And you will see and feel your life changing. Don't give up be patience because everything in our lives is a process. You're going to be all right. Just Believe in it. Back Towards LIGHT and LOVE.

" Through forgiveness we connect with compassion, through compassion we connect with love and through love we connect with GOD."
Nando Araujo 

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All sessions can be done in person, telephone, or Skype. I can travel anywhere inside or outside the country for personal or group sessions.

"Divine Blessings To You"

DISCLAIMER: Our services are not a substitute for medical care. Information on this site and our services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You should consult with the appropriate health practitioner in case of any medical condition.

"Abundance is energy in movement it comes from your ability to "GIVE"

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